• Adult polyglucosan body disease is a condition that affects the nervous system. People with this
  • At least three mutations in the GBE1 gene have been found to cause adult polyglucosan body disease
  • body uses for movement. People with nemaline myopathy have muscle weakness (myopathy) throughout the
  • types of cells. Lafora bodies are made up of an abnormal form of glycogen (called polyglucosan) that
  • Autosomal dominant leukodystrophy with autonomic disease (ADLD) is one of a group of genetic
  • CLN4 disease is a condition that primarily affects the nervous system, causing problems with
  • molecules called polyglucosan bodies accumulate in cells, leading to damage and cell death. Polyglucosan
  • accumulations occur in more cells throughout the body in children with CLN6 disease than in affected adults.
  • Krabbe disease (also called globoid cell leukodystrophy) is a degenerative disorder that affects
  • Neutral lipid storage disease with myopathy is a condition in which fats (lipids) are stored