NFIX gene

nuclear factor I X

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From NCBI Gene:

The protein encoded by this gene is a transcription factor that binds the palindromic sequence 5'-TTGGCNNNNNGCCAA-3 in viral and cellular promoters. The encoded protein can also stimulate adenovirus replication in vitro. Three transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Aug 2012]

From UniProt:

Recognizes and binds the palindromic sequence 5'-TTGGCNNNNNGCCAA-3' present in viral and cellular promoters and in the origin of replication of adenovirus type 2. These proteins are individually capable of activating transcription and replication.

Covered on Genetics Home Reference:

From NCBI Gene:

  • Sotos syndrome 2
  • Marshall-Smith syndrome

From UniProt:

Marshall-Smith syndrome (MRSHSS): A distinct malformation syndrome characterized by accelerated skeletal maturation, relative failure to thrive, respiratory difficulties, mental retardation, and unusual facies, including prominent forehead, shallow orbits, blue sclerae, depressed nasal bridge, and micrognathia. Additional skeletal findings include long and thin tubular bones, broad middle phalanges with relatively narrow distal phalanges, and scoliosis. [MIM:602535]

Sotos syndrome 2 (SOTOS2): A form of Sotos syndrome, a childhood overgrowth syndrome characterized by prenatal and postnatal overgrowth, developmental delay, mental retardation, advanced bone age, and abnormal craniofacial morphology. SOTOS2 patients have macrocephaly, long narrow face, high forehead, slender habitus, scoliosis, and unusual behavior characterized especially by anxiety. [MIM:614753]

Cytogenetic Location: 19p13.13, which is the short (p) arm of chromosome 19 at position 13.13

Molecular Location: base pairs 12,995,475 to 13,098,796 on chromosome 19 (Homo sapiens Updated Annotation Release 109.20200522, GRCh38.p13) (NCBI)

Cytogenetic Location: 19p13.13, which is the short (p) arm of chromosome 19 at position 13.13
  • CTF
  • NF-I/X
  • NF1-X
  • NF1A
  • SOTOS2