CDH11 gene

cadherin 11

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From NCBI Gene:

This gene encodes a type II classical cadherin from the cadherin superfamily, integral membrane proteins that mediate calcium-dependent cell-cell adhesion. Mature cadherin proteins are composed of a large N-terminal extracellular domain, a single membrane-spanning domain, and a small, highly conserved C-terminal cytoplasmic domain. Type II (atypical) cadherins are defined based on their lack of a HAV cell adhesion recognition sequence specific to type I cadherins. Expression of this particular cadherin in osteoblastic cell lines, and its upregulation during differentiation, suggests a specific function in bone development and maintenance. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

From UniProt:

Cadherins are calcium-dependent cell adhesion proteins. They preferentially interact with themselves in a homophilic manner in connecting cells; cadherins may thus contribute to the sorting of heterogeneous cell types.

From NCBI Gene:

  • Brachioskeletogenital syndrome

From UniProt:

A chromosomal aberration involving CDH11 is a common genetic feature of aneurysmal bone cyst, a benign osseous neoplasm. Translocation t(16;17)(q22;p13) with USP6. The translocation generates a fusion gene in which the strong CDH11 promoter is fused to the entire USP6 coding sequence, resulting in USP6 transcriptional up-regulation.

Elsahy-Waters syndrome (ESWS): An autosomal recessive syndrome characterized by moderate mental retardation, hypospadias and characteristic craniofacial morphology, which includes brachycephaly, facial asymmetry, exotropia, hypertelorism, telechantus, broad nose, concave nasal ridge, underdeveloped mid-face, prognathism, and radicular dentin dysplasia. [MIM:211380]

Cytogenetic Location: 16q21, which is the long (q) arm of chromosome 16 at position 21

Molecular Location: base pairs 64,943,753 to 65,126,112 on chromosome 16 (Homo sapiens Updated Annotation Release 109.20200522, GRCh38.p13) (NCBI)

Cytogenetic Location: 16q21, which is the long (q) arm of chromosome 16 at position 21
  • CAD11
  • ESWS
  • OB
  • OSF-4