Questions and answers about submitting images for use on Genetics Home Reference

Genetics Home Reference is partnering with the Genetic Alliance to gather images related to specific genetic conditions, including photographs of individuals with these conditions, for display on the Genetics Home Reference public website. We hope that these images will give a human face to the wide variety of recognized genetic and rare diseases.

What is Genetics Home Reference?

Genetics Home Reference is a free online resource from the National Library of Medicine, part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. It is designed for patients, families, and others who wish to learn about human genetics. It includes summaries of genetic conditions and the genes or chromosomes related to those conditions, along with background information about genetics.

How will you use my images?

We use images to supplement existing educational text about genetic conditions, genes, and chromosomes on the Genetics Home Reference website. Right now, we display images only on health condition pages and in Help Me Understand Genetics. We may expand our use of images to other parts of the website in the future.

While we will include as many images as we can, we can’t promise to use all images that are submitted. The addition of images, as well as their size and placement on the website, are at the discretion of our project staff. Images may appear in multiple places on the website, if appropriate to the content.

Can anyone else use my images?

No; copyrighted information on Genetics Home Reference, such as images you submit, cannot be used by others without your permission. Information about the use of images and other content on Genetics Home Reference is available to all website users. However, we cannot control the unauthorized use of images by other entities. For example, there is always a risk that another party could copy an image from Genetics Home Reference and display it on their website without permission. Genetics Home Reference is not responsible for unauthorized use of submitted materials.

What kinds of images are you looking for?

  • Images should highlight one or more major features of a health condition covered on Genetics Home Reference. Images can be photographs or illustrations.

  • Images should be positive, respectful, and informative.

  • We discourage “clinical” images (such as pictures of patients standing in front of growth charts or with bars over their eyes).

  • People in images should be alive and appropriately covered by clothing.


What are the technical requirements for image files?

  • Photographs, medical illustrations, and other still images are fine. We cannot use gifs or videos at this time.

  • We prefer .jpg images but can also accept .png images.

  • We can accept images of any size, but we will resize them for display on the website at a maximum size of 600 px by 600 px.

How can I submit images to you?

  • Please submit your images via e-mail to the Genetic Alliance at All images must be submitted with a completed Image Consent and Permission Form, which can be requested from Genetic Alliance.

  • If an image highlights a particular feature, please identify it so that we can determine where the image fits best in the summary. You can include such a description in the title of the image or in a note in the submission e-mail.

  • If you have any questions about technical requirements, image content, or the Image Consent and Permission Form, please contact

What if I want you to remove my images from your website in the future?

If you no longer wish for your images to be displayed on the Genetics Home Reference website, you can make the request in writing at any time. Please send an e-mail to Based on our publishing schedule, it may take up to two weeks for the images to be removed.