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  • early-onset glaucoma condition summary
    Found in name or synonym: hereditary glaucoma
    Related genes:
  • Peters anomaly condition summary
    Found in name or synonym: Peters congenital glaucoma
    Related genes:
  • autosomal dominant vitreoretinochoroidopathy condition summary
    Found in name or synonym: ...with microcornea, glaucoma, and cataract
    Related genes:
  • glaucoma definition
  • CYP1B1 gene summary
    Official name: cytochrome P450 family 1 subfamily B member 1
    Found: ...identified to cause early-onset glaucoma. People with this condition experience...
  • Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome condition summary
    Found: ...of affected individuals develop glaucoma, a serious condition that increases...
    Related genes:
  • short stature, hyperextensibility, hernia, ocular depression, Rieger anomaly, and teething delay condition summary
    Found: ...increased pressure in the eye (glaucoma) and vision loss. Some people with...
    Related genes:
  • MYOC gene summary
    Official name: myocilin, trabecular meshwork inducible glucocorticoid response
    Found: ...late-onset primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), the most common adult form...
  • SBF2 gene summary
    Official name: SET binding factor 2
    Found: ...fluid pressure within the eye (glaucoma) beginning in childhood or adolescence....
  • OPTN gene information
    Official name: optineurin
    Found: Glaucoma 1, open angle, E (GLC1E): A form...
  • WDR36 gene information
    Official name: WD repeat domain 36
    Found: Glaucoma 1, open angle, G (GLC1G): A form...
  • TBK1 gene information
    Official name: TANK-binding kinase 1
    Found: Glaucoma 1, open angle, P (GLC1P): A form...
  • ASB10 gene information
    Official name: ankyrin repeat and SOCS box containing 10
    Found: Glaucoma 1, open angle, F (GLC1F): A form...
  • NTF4 gene information
    Official name: neurotrophin 4
    Found: Glaucoma 1, open angle, O (GLC1O): A form...
  • PITX2 gene summary
    Official name: paired like homeodomain 2
    Found: ...increased pressure in the eye (glaucoma)....
  • FOXC1 gene summary
    Official name: forkhead box C1
    Found: ...increased pressure in the eye (glaucoma). FOXC1 gene mutations have been...
  • Lenz microphthalmia syndrome condition summary
    Found: ...risk of an eye disease called glaucoma. Abnormalities of the ears, teeth,...
    Related genes:
  • ADAMTSL4 gene summary
    Official name: ADAMTS like 4
    Found: ...increased pressure in the eyes (glaucoma) at an early age. Similar to isolated...
  • MTHFR gene summary
    Official name: methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (NAD(P)H)
    Found: eye disorder called glaucoma, psychiatric disorders, and certain...
  • Weill-Marchesani syndrome condition summary
    Found: ...syndrome develop glaucoma, an eye disease that increases...
    Related genes:
Published: February 1, 2016