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Learn about the main features of the Genetics Home Reference web site ( by answering the following questions:

  1. Alström syndrome is caused by mutations in what gene?
  2. What genetic condition is caused by mutations in the MT-ND4L gene?
  3. What structure in the cell helps process molecules and transports them to specific destinations inside or outside the cell? (You might find the Cells and DNA chapter of the Handbook helpful in answering this question.)
  4. The DMD gene is located on which chromosome?
    ANSWER: chromosome
  5. What is the inheritance pattern for cystic fibrosis?
  6. According to information in "About," who sponsors the Genetics Home Reference?
    ANSWER: The U.S.
  7. Which type of genetic testing refers to genetic tests that are marketed directly to consumers via television, print advertisements, or the Internet? (You might find the Genetic Testing chapter of the Handbook helpful in answering this question.)
  8. What gene family is the PROK2 gene in?
  9. Find the summary for chromosome 13. What disorder is caused by a deletion in a region of chromosome 13 known as 13q14?

Fill in the blanks below using the first letter from each of your answers.

What genetic condition is spelled out?


Published: February 1, 2016